·   Low Power Consumed CPU

·   Quick and accurate charts display

·   High Performance Polar Filters

·   Keep charts clear between the range of 1.5m ~ 6m test distance by high performance polar filters Heterophoria/Heterotropia/Stereopsis tests with polar separation charts

·   Color Blindness Test

·   Preset seven types charts / Random selection function

·   General Charts (Snellen, Landolt, Numbers, Characters, Children)

·   Back 0.05 ~ 2.00 charts by test distance up (Children 0.1 ~ 1.0)
Horizontal, Vertical, Single character mask and Center indication

·   Red/Green filters/Random charts

·   User Configurated Program Setup

·   Program A, B / Correction / Insertion / Deletion

·   Interface with Digitalized Refractor

·   Regular software upgrade by USB stick memory

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