Company and innovation

Dear partners and customers,

On behalf of all of us at Indo Optical, I would like to welcome you to our new website. Here you can find all the information you need about our company.

Indo Optical is a new company belonging to the Sherpa Capital investment group, consisting of more than 400 multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

We focus on the marketing of ophthalmic lenses and equipment for opticians and ophthalmologists. We have a wide portfolio of products, where you can find various products with the latest technology and real references in the current Optical field.

We form a team where our main premise is to work together, making the maximum effort to achieve a leading company in the market. To do this, we work with a clear vocation of service and constantly aim for customer satisfaction, through the development of products with high added value.

Indo Optical is a company with a clear commercial focus and a strong innovative spirit.

We believe that good work brings a high degree of satisfaction. Honesty in dealing with our employees, customers and respect at all times for people and the environment, give those who are part of this company a level of distinction that we convey in the products we manufacture and sell.

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